Serbia File Law Suit against NATO For Crimes Against Humanity: - More than 15 Tons of Uranium Bombs Dropped on Yugoslavia in 1999

Citizens of Serbia including Kosovo and Metohija, are Suing NATO. Their Cancer Diagnoses Are a Direct Consequence of the NATO Bombings of Yugoslavia in 1999

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NATO has already confessed that they have dropped over 15 ton of uranium over Kosovo and Metohija and the southern parts of Serbia such as Presevo, Bujanovac and Vranje.

  • As a result of these bombings, over thirty thousand people every year in Serbia is diagnosed with cancer. This in a country that before the bombings in 1999 had less than seven thousand citizens diagnosed with cancer every year. Serbia is now the country in Europe that has the largest number of cancer diagnoses and the second in the world.

Collecting legal evidence since 2017

In 2022, Srdjan Aleksic, a lawyer from Nis, Serbia began a legal process against NATO. Since 2017 (when the gathering of evidence began) until this day over four thousand citizens of Serbia (including Kosovo and Metohija) have shown interest in suing NATO due to their own cancer diagnoses and diagnoses of their family members that they believe have a direct connection to the bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999 where uranium was used.

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Belgrade 1999 during the NATO bombing.

Particles from uranium bombs

Not only is NATO responsible for “crimes against humanity”. When using these bombs and leaving behind residual mines, they have committed the crime of Ecocide, where they have damaged and destructed Serbia’s ecosystem and biodiversity. Although this has not yet been recognized as a crime under international law, it is being contemplated so both humans, corporations and armies can be held accountable for the crimes of harmful pollution.

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Srdjan Aleksic and his team of lawyers have so far collected the medical documentation and power of attorney documentation of 1.500 citizens and 35 cases have been field in the higher court in Belgrade. Every month they file 10 new cases and will continue to do so. In the cases where the plaintiff is deceased, family members have forwarded the medical documentation and will continue the procedure on their behalf, and even these cases will be field in the higher court in Belgrade.

NATO claims immunity

Due to the increase of cancer diagnoses in Bosnia and Hercegovina after the NATO bombings in 1995 many citizens are contemplating suing NATO believing that the uranium used then as well is the cause of their cancer diagnoses. They are currently waiting to see the outcome of the trials in Serbia before they begin their legal procedures.

NATO has replied, stating that they have immunity and that they do not have to answer to the higher court in Belgrade because of the Transit Agreement signed in 2005 between Serbia and NATO and Serbia joining the Partnership for Peace in 2006.

Srdjan Aleksic says that immunity cannot be implemented retroactively since the bombings took place in 1999 and the agreements were signed six years later.

The trials have been postponed due to the death of Colonel Dragan Stojcic (served 280 days at the border between Kosovo and Serbia and in Kosovo) that passed away due to his cancer. He was the first plaintiff to sue NATO. His wife will continue his procedure in court.

The trials are expected to start at the end of 2023.

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Source/reference: Global Research

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