mRNA 'Vaccines' Are Gene Therapy, Head of Bayer Pharma admits

Stefan Oelrich, head of Bayer’s pharmaceuticals department, admitted at the World Health Summit that the COVID-19 'vaccine' is GENE THERAPY.

He smugly stated that the drug companies knew people would reject the vaccine if they knew it was in fact a gene-altering injectable. It is proven and well documented that they lied to the public for profits as the 'vaccine' certainly did not prevent anyone from contracting or transmitting the virus.

Several things he said are significant here:

  1. He lays out in simple terms that mRNA vaccines are, indeed cell and/or gene therapy. (whether this can be read to be an admission they are specifically gene therapy is debatable as he uses the two terms as a compound category)

  2. He’s thrilled that people accepted it. “if we had surveyed 2 years ago if people were willing to take gene or cell therapy and inject it into your body we would have probably had a 95% refusal rate.”

  3. He sees this as the big future thrust for Bayer. And he sees the pandemic as “having opened eyes about innovation.”


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