500,000 Germans Severely Injured By COVID-19 Vaccines, Survey By Top Hospital Shows

Serious adverse event in 1 out of every 125 vaccinated and 40x underreporting factor for severe adverse events - government urged to take vaccine injury seriously and find solutions.

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Researchers at one of the largest university hospitals in Europe, Charité Berlin, announced a high rate of COVID-19 vaccine severe side effects lasting several months or longer based on a survey of about 40,000 Germans.

The study’s lead researcher, Prof. Dr. med Harald Matthes, estimated half a million Germans experienced serious side effects following vaccination. Survey findings indicate up to 80% of people with severe reactions recover within three to six months, but for 20% the symptoms persist.**

This is a major embarrassment for the PEI, which has maintained all along that it is doing a thorough tracking of vaccine adverse events and denounced as “anti-vaxxers” anyone who questioned the official numbers.

Prof. Dr. med Harald Matthes called on the government to take people claiming vaccine injury seriously and to provide dedicated outpatient care to the vaccine-injured. enter image description here

He noted most have been unable to find help in the current medical climate, which both strongly discourages talking about vaccine injury and is basically clueless about how to help the vaccine-injured. Matthes also called for allowing doctors to discuss vaccine injury openly so that they can develop treatments without fear of being denounced as “anti-vaxxers.”

“The special outpatient clinic at the University Hospital is a prominent example of this. The employees actually wanted to do research on Long Covid, but now they mainly care for patients with severe vaccination side effects. "

"The problem here, however, is that demand far outstrips supply. We need more outpatient clinics, they are far from enough," emphasizes Matthes in the MDR report.

This story is akin to researchers at Harvard Medical School coming forward and announcing the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) was undercounting the serious adverse event rate by a factor of 40, that vaccine injury is real, the vaccine-injured need to be taken seriously and treated, and that doctors need to be able to voice their opinions openly without fear of retribution so treatments for the vaccine-injured can be developed.


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