Poland has entered into discussions over a possible ‘reunification’ with Western Ukraine.

Poland has entered into discussions with the United States over a possible ‘reunification’ with Western Ukraine, according to Sergey Naryshkin, head of Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service.

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(RT) While plans are at an early stage, a report from the agency suggests that Polish troops may enter Ukraine’s western regions for ‘peacekeeping’ purposes. The Polish troops would not act under a NATO mandate, the report says, but rather as part of a ‘coalition of the willing’.

The proposals also include the aim of integrating parts of the Ukrainian military into the Polish military, with the hope that a more Warsaw-oriented command structure may counterbalance Ukraine’s ultranationalist elements.

It is hoped that by confining the action to the western regions of Ukraine, a direct confrontation with Russian forces could be avoided. It is believed that, if these plans were implemented, the remainder of Ukraine would likely disintegrate.

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If the plans were to be enacted, they could see Poland reclaim ‘its historical possessions’ in Eastern Europe. Poland’s borders have been highly changeable over its long history (including many bouts of non-existence), and at various points have included parts of modern Ukraine, Belarus and Russia. These proposals would restore much of the territory Poland had following its recreation in the aftermath of the First World War.

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