WATCH: Trudeau lambasted by MPs in Europe: “Dictatorship of the worst kind”, "A disgrace!

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau came under fire on Wednesday when several European MPs called him out during his two-day official visit to Brussels.

After he delivered a speech to European parliamentarians, the floor was opened to questions and responses from MPs from countries all over Europe, including Germany and Croatia. !

German MP Christine Anderson tweeted the following: "I took the opportunity to give him an appropriate "welcome" there. Short, concise and right hitting the bull's eye!"

Croatian Member of European Parliament Mislav Kolakusic, accused the prime minister of engaging in a “dictatorship of the worst kind” by using the Emergencies Act to crush peaceful demonstrations.

In February this year, Romanian MEP Cristian Terhes also accused the prime minister of being a “tyrant” and a “dictator” during a fiery speech in Brussels.


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